Professional Detailing Service

SilberArrows is delighted to offer a professional detailing service for your cherished Mercedes-Benz, Maybach or McLaren SLR. We have carefully selected 3D Car Care Products due to their industry leading status; they have more than twenty years research and development behind them and offer cutting edge products. This has given them an illustrious name in the car wash, detailing and car care industry.

Hand finished by our experienced and dedicated Detailing Team, you will only have exceptional craftsmen caring for your Mercedes-Benz, Maybach or McLaren SLR. Book your appointment today on +971 (0)4 380 5515.

Service Type Price
Interior/Exterior AED 900
Interior Only AED 500
Exterior Only AED 500

Prices shown are not inclusive of VAT

Independent McLaren service - now open.